Peace Speakers MCS provides multiple services in the areas of dispute resolution, conflict management and consulting. These services include:


Workshop Facilitation

I can facilitate workshops of between 8-15 participants. Larger groups can be accommodated, however I find that the larger a workshop is, the less time for in-depth discussion there is. I have several workshops developed in the areas of:

  • Communication skills
  • Styles of managing/resolving conflict
  • Assertiveness
  • Tips on running an effective meeting

Also, I can custom tailor workshops to you group’s/organization’s needs.


Values-Based Team Strengthening

I have developed the team strengthening workshop with several objectives in mind. Firstly, the workshop creates a venue in which teams can discuss various ideas and philosophies that will influence the way their team functions. Also, individuals get an opportunity to explore some of their own values and how they impact the team. Team members will also consciously start to develop a better understanding of their team members. In the end, teams can start to develop, more deliberately, a teen philosophy and identity.


Critical Incident Stress Debriefing/Management (CISD/CISM)

When we experience traumatic events such as an assault of a co-worker, death of a person or any event that is mentally and/or emotionally draining, CISD may be necessary. Being a formally trained debriefer, it is my job to provide an open, non-threatening and non-judgmental environment in which people involved in the traumatic event can come together, talk, share experiences and begin the healing process.


Facilitating Peer Support Groups

A peer support group is a group in which people within a particular environment (e.g. workplace, school, church, etc.) come together to discuss common issues. Unlike some peer support groups, I will focus on giving members the tools and skills needed to work through these issues as well as teaching them various techniques to support them in identify: a) his/her part in the issue, b) whether the issue can or needs to be resolved and c) how to resolve or live with the issue in question. This is not a gripe or blaming session but rather an avenue for people to deal with issues in a healthy, constructive and productive manner. As with all my other services, confidentiality, honesty and respect are values that will be practiced in the group at all times.


Individual Coaching

There are times when we are experiencing difficulties managing various life situations. Whether this is conflict management, dispute resolution or an important negotiation, we often need support to deal with these situations in a healthy, positive and productive way. I provide individual coaching for these and other situations. The goal of the sessions is to help individuals understand their underlying values, needs, interests and motivations in these situations. By achieving this, individuals can more easily find ways to bring a more satisfactory ending to their difficult situation.


Motivational Speaking

I have had many challenges in my personal and professional life that have allowed me to gain a greater understanding of myself and others. I have been an inspirational and motivating force for my family, friends, colleagues and clients. By sharing these experiences and insights, I will continue to inspire and motivate people to discover and reach their potential.



Facilitating Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Sessions (Mediation)

By facilitating these types of sessions between 2 or more individuals, I can help all parties gain a better understanding of their own and of others' needs, interests and values that are driving the conflict/dispute. By doing this, all parties can hopefully reach a decision that is mutually beneficial to everyone. My role is not to take sides nor is it to offer suggestions. My role is simply to facilitate a discussion between the parties involved.


Family Support

As I have 17 years of experience working with individuals and families who have had many different types of presenting problems, I can support families who are having difficulties in various areas ranging from children/youth that have aggression issues, mental health concerns or family members were having difficulties communicating with each other.


“Sculpting Leaders”

“Sculpting Leaders” is a leadership program I am in the midst of developing. I am looking for organizations that are open to aid me in this pilot project. The benefit to these participants is that they can take this training at a great cost reduction as well, it they like, be mentioned in my workshop documentation (by organization or name to be determined). The focus of this workshop is on: the values of a leader, the skills of a leader, what makes a good leader, being an effective leader and the pitfalls of leadership.



In terms of my fees, they are dependent on what services I am providing as well as to how many people I am providing those services to (e.g. how many people are in a workshop). Fees will be discussed after I have had a chance to discuss the particular needs of the individual(s) requesting my services.


“Think peace…Speak peace…Create peace.”

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