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Mission Statement

Peace Speakers MCS is dedicated to the enhancement of human interactions and relationships through the use of various coaching and training opportunities to individuals, groups and families. By introducing people to different philosophies and methodologies, Peace Speakers MCS strives to create a healthier, more productive and positive environment in which people can live, learn and work. This will ultimately be achieved by individuals, groups and families gaining a better understanding of themselves and those around them.


Biographical Information

My name is John Maloney, founder of Peace Speakers MCS. I have worked in the helping profession for 17 years in various roles such as: Replacement Worker, Child and Youth Care Counselor and Team Leader. I have worked with many types of clients. These included clients with physical and sexual aggression issues, emotional problems, cognitive delays and mental health diagnoses. I have also worked with the families of these clients. Educationally, I have a Diploma in Child and Youth Care from Grant MacEwan University. Also, I have over 300 hours of training in the areas of: Conflict Management, Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Critical Incident Stress Management/Debriefing. I have developed, supported in developing and facilitated various workshops for over 10 years. I have a passion and the skills necessary to successfully support individuals, groups and families through difficult situations. As well, I have a desire and possess strong skills in the areas of problem-solving and team strengthening. Personally and professionally, I have a multitude of experiences that I can share that will not only contribute to a positive, healthy productive learning atmosphere, but these experiences will motivate and inspire others to face their challenges head on and reach their goals with enthusiasm, vigor and excitement!


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John Maloney

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Phone Number: (780) 862-1237

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“Think peace…Speak peace…Create peace.”

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